I am a qualified Swedish and French to English translator specialising in texts relating to the environment and sustainable development, marketing and business and the ski industry. My clients include SMEs, charities, NGOs and translation companies. I offer the following services:


Definition - the rendering of written text in the source language into the target language.

I translate from Swedish and French (the source languages) into English (the target language). My translation service always includes translation, revision* and proofreading as many times as it takes until the document is ready for distribution.

I create and maintain glossaries for all of my clients to ensure that the terminology used is consistent, or use the glossary provided by the client to ensure coherency across all of their translated material.

* I revise my own translations prior to delivery, and can arrange third-party revision by a qualified language professional if required.


Definition - the examination of a translation for its suitability for the agreed purpose, compared to the source and target texts. This is also known as editing.

I revise documents which have already been translated from Swedish or French into English, and documents which have been written in English. I check grammar and spelling, but I also look for ways to improve the content by improving the style, syntax, comprehensiveness etc.

In the case of a translated document I check whether the translation effectively communicates the sense of the source text as well as terminology, facts and figures etc.


Definition - careful reading of a document before publication to check for any errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as conformity to elements of layout.

I proofread documents before publication* to check that all elements of the document are correct and the document is ready to be published.

*I strongly recommend that I do a final proofread of my own translations before publication, this is included in my translation service.


Definition - translation of foreign dialogue of a movie, video or TV program; usually displayed at the bottom of the screen.

I subtitle Swedish and French corporate presentations into English. I can either provide the full subtitling service, including transcription, spotting, translation and simulation, or any of those steps individually.


Translation price is dependent on many factors such as word count, document format, delivery time frame, level of technicality etc. I send a personalised quote taking all of these factors into account for each project once I have seen the documents to be translated and discussed your project with you, or you can request a copy of my rate card which details the range of prices I charge per word and per hour.

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